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Joanna Campbell Blake, sculptor

Richmond, VA

Joanna Blake’s notable portfolio is comprised of many prominent bodies of sculpture with a focus on large scale public monuments.  Guided by extensive research and thorough study of her subject matter, Joanna’s work is influenced by the power of historical figures and events while drawing from the social, historical and physical context of the site.

Davis Buckley Architects and Planners (DBA) collaborated with Joanna on the design of the Virginia Women’s Monument in Richmond, VA, which was selected as a finalist in the design competition for this memorial honoring the history and celebrating the future of all women of the Commonwealth.  Joanna designed and sculpted a quarter scale model of the central, defining figure of the monument, a contemporary figurative sculpture of Virtus.  Her presence on the Commonwealth’s seal since 1776 has carried the symbolic elements of the Roman matriarch long associated with the state representing the founding principles of wisdom, honor, spirit and courage. This figure is very much a present-day interpretation. Her face is open and accessible, her hair is loose, her dress is simple and well worn, and her gaze is fixed on Thomas Jefferson’s 1788 neoclassical Capitol, the symbolic center of justice and democracy in the Commonwealth. She is the embodiment of hard-won achievement and an invitation for woman of all ages and backgrounds to see these virtues within themselves.

More of Joanna’s work can be seen at her website at



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