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Preservation Plan
25,000 SF
Chesterfield, VA

Historic Preservation, Data Collection, Feasibility Studies, Surveying Existing Conditions, Budgeting

Castlewood-Save America’s Treasures’ Grant Recipient



Chesterfield County’s rich history spans over four hundred years back to the some of the first settlers of Virginia.  As a result, the landscape of Chesterfield is dotted with numerous historic structures from various points of the County’s illustrious history.  Davis Buckley Architects and Planners (DBA) served as the preservation architect for the County of Chesterfield for five years in addition to restoring the County’s 1917 Courthouse.

The four-year preservation plan for the County’s historic structures included the Chesterfield County Museum (a reconstruction of the 1750’s Courthouse); the Jailhouse (1840); Castlewood Manor (1817) and Magnolia Grange (1822).  After a detailed study of each property and all available documents, DBA provided the County with a Brief of Findings report, assessing the condition of each building and creating a schedule of priorities.  After reviewing the brief with the County, DBA developed a detailed four-year plan of prioritized recommendations which included budget estimates for each project with anticipated cost escalations where appropriate.   DBA has continued to work on preservation projects for the County including the exterior restoration of Castlewood Manor and the replacement of the windows at Magnolia Grange.


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