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Historic Plantation House
5,366 SF
Annapolis, MD

Historic Preservation, Renovation, Surveying Existing Conditions



Whitehall is one of the finest examples of colonial architecture remaining in the country. It was constructed between 1764 and 1777 by the Colonial Governor of Maryland. It faces the Chesapeake Bay, and it is among the very first early colonial structures that incorporated a Roman central block with portico. It is a five part plan consisting of a central block, hyphens, wings and adjacencies. The entire exterior is brick, which was made on-site.

Davis Buckley Architects as the preservation architects is presently developing a five year preservation and capital expenditure plan for Whitehall. The First phase includes the restoration of the structure, exterior walls and dependencies. The second phase will be a geothermal system, a state-of-the-art climate control system. The third phase will be the restoration of the historic interiors and repaired the damaged ceilings caused by leaking of the heating system, which is integral to the existing ceiling.


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