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Capitol Hill Historic District 
Renovation of Row House
3,820 SF
Washington, DC

Renovation, Historic Preservation, Design Approval Applications and Presentations, Zoning Approval Applications and Presentations

DC Historic Preservation Review Board
Advisory Neighborhood Commission



Davis Buckley Architects and Planners (DBA) designed the renovation of and addition to the Susan Ashby House, located in the historic Capitol Hill neighborhood.  Prior to the current owner’s acquisition of the property, the house was unoccupied for twenty years and was in extreme disrepair.  The new owners saw the house as a chance to turn a derelict, empty building into a modern house apartment with three separate units.

The design scheme anchors a small glass addition within the existing historic framework of the house.  Modern design and construction techniques are utilized to improve the functionality of the space; allow for more natural lighting in the interior; and improve ventilation within the structure.  The addition draws its form, scale, and architectural details from the preexisting houses in the neighborhood.

The addition is designed so that the character of the house and the historic district is not damaged or obscured.  The overall goal of the design is to improve the quality of the function of the building as well as introduce new spaces into its framework which were not possible with the existing layout.  DBA has worked closely with the owners and historical review agencies throughout the design process.


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